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Common Questions About Cash Offers And Sales

Who is Fast Cash for New York Homes?

Fast Cash for New York Homes was founded in New York in 2014 by _________.  Stephen has worked in real estate for over 10 years before founding Fast Cash for New York Homes.  The Fast Cash for New York Homes team consists of a diverse team of investors and contractors who have over 20 years of experience buying, fixing, and selling homes in New York and the surrounding area.  We are local and make it a point to give back to the community whenever we can.


How does the process work to buy my house with a cash offer?


The process to buy your house is simple.  Start by making a phone call to Fast Cash for New York Homes at 123-456-7890 or click the bear throwing money to call us.  ​

Need to sell?

We will send someone out immediately (usually same day) to come take a look at your property.


After inspection, we will make you an offer on the spot for the home.


Once the offer is accepted and we have a date to close, we will sign a purchase agreement and take it to the title company.


The title company will handle all paperwork and legal documents.  If there are any problems with the title or probate issues we will resolve this for you.


On the agreed closing date the title company will either cut you a check or direct deposit your money to you.

You have just completed a cash sale on your home!


Who do you usually buy from?


We buy from any and everybody except Lakers fans (just kidding).  There are common situations though where we feel a cash offer on your home can really help such as;


  • Selling your home during a divorce

  • Selling your home with probate issues

  • Selling your home with back taxes

  • Selling your home with a foreclosure

  • Selling your home with title problems

  • Selling your home with major repairs

  • Selling your unwanted property


And the list goes on and on.  


Do you charge to come out and make an offer on our home?


We will never charge anything to come look at your home.  That is part of our job and if we expect to get paid we will be there on YOUR TIME and work around YOUR SCHEDULE to make you a cash deal on your house.  If we drive out, make an offer, and you do not accept it, that is totally fine and we will do everything in our power to help you sell your home and get top dollar for it even if it is not through us!


Do I have to take your offer if you come out?


You are under 0 obligation to take our offer when we make you one.  Don’t ever let anyone trick you or make you think that you are stuck with them just because you had a conversation.  We have seen plenty of times where slime balls try to trick unsuspecting homeowners into thinking that they have agreed to something, signed something, or otherwise entered into an agreement.


I am going through a divorce and don’t know what to do to sell my property


We have been there, done that, and know that selling your house during a divorce can be a tricky situation.  Rest assured that we will help you to get a cash offer on your home and get it sold quick. If you need us to work with the other party we will use the utmost discretion when doing so.  We are working for you in this process and will make sure that it is as hands-off as necessary for you.


I have a property but it is in probate and I want to sell


Probate can be a tough situation for a seller.  There are a lot of emotions, paperwork, and attorneys that can really complicate a process.  Rest assured that our skilled team has been handling probate sales for over 20 years and know the ropes.  We can assist you with any paperwork or attorney questions you may have at no cost. The main goal is making sure that we get you a cash deal on your house quickly so you can use the money to do what you need to do.  


Another company said they can work with me to stop my foreclosure.  


A lot of companies look for foreclosures and attempt to prey on the person going through it.  A foreclosure will hurt your credit for up to 7 years and may even prevent you from getting jobs/keeping jobs (security clearance is a big one).   Some companies will try to buy your home and then get you out. They don’t care what happens to you they just need to sell your home ASAP to make money.  That’s not how we roll. At Fast Cash for New York Homes, we can help you stop your foreclosure and tailor a deal to your needs. Yes, we do want your property and to make money off it, but we do not have to sacrifice being good people or helping others to do so. You let us know what will work for you and we will structure a deal around it.



If I submit my information to you how long will it take for me to get a cash offer on my home?


ASAP.  We will fight 410 traffic and get out there as soon as you tell us to.  Thanks to our skilled contractors and investors we can look at your home and have a pretty accurate pricing on it for the cash offer.  We will offer you a cash offer on the spot. If you need money right away, we can even work to fund you until the deal goes through and offer as fast as a 3 day close on your property.


What’s the difference between we buy ugly homes and you guys?


The biggest difference between We Buy Ugly Homes and Fast Cash for New York Homes comes from who we are as people.  All of our team has lived in New York for a majority if not all of their lives. The city has gone through many changes and we have been there through all of it.  We know that selling a home is a stressful time and we strive to make it as painless and hands-off as possible.  We also know that your time is valuable and you have worked hard for what you have. We will never waste your time, make a lowball offer, or make promises that we cannot keep. We can also structure deals in a lot of ways so that everyone walks out a winner. Before you think of going with anyone else, click the bear to give us a call and get a cash offer on your home.

Need to sell?